Without using javascript, learn how to add a smooth scrolling effect for blogger. In this method, I am using simple CSS tricks which work for me and I think this also works for you also.

Especially, a smooth scrolling effect is for back to top. When you click on back to top button you can see this effect. Let’s go through the process.

Add Smooth Scrolling Effect for Blogger

Step 1:Find Code

Go to the blogger dashboard then to the theme And search for code below:


Step 2:Place Code

Now, paste the code above that code.

html{scroll-behavior: smooth;}

Then save the theme and check whether it works or not?

Hurray! It works for me.


I just add a smooth scrolling effect for blogger in a few steps. This looks attractive and it won’t harm your website page load speed also. So you can add a smooth scroll to back to top in blogger easily following this tutorial. 

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